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Getting To NYC

When many people think New York City, they think “expensive” and for the most part…..they’re right! The food is expensive, the hotels are expensive, and the shows are expensive. If you go to a bar, you may find yourself paying twice what you regularly pay for the same beer!

One thing that’s thankfully not too expensive about New York City is transportation. The taxis around Manhattan are not too expensive, and there are plenty of them. Also, getting to New York City is generally not that expensive. If you live on the Northeast Coast, you can maybe even take a train to get into Manhattan. For the rest of you though, you’ll most likely need to take a flight.

It is not too hard to find a discount airfare to New York. The typical approach is to just search a site like Orbitz and find the cheapest airfare. That may work, but you should also look into some of the regional carriers that aren’t necessarily on travel comparison sites. My favorite for NYC is Jet Blue. They’re both cheap and nicer than most other airlines. Their fleet is much newer than most. Their seats are more comfortable, have more legroom, and you can even watch live television on your flight!