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New York Tours

If you’re the type of person who needs guidance while sight-seeing in New York, you will be happy to know that there are numerous tours available to you. Not all of us are meant to be independent travelers. Some of us need some assistance. Tour guides are there to guide you through all these wonderful programs. Check out the following compilation of New York tours and choose what’s right for you.

Helicopter Tours

These New York tours last about six to twenty minutes, depending on the package you choose. However, they give you a memory that lasts a lifetime. Call Liberty Helicopters at 212.967.6464 for more information. You can also visit their website at www.libertyhelicopters.com.

Sailing Tours

These last anywhere from about an hour to four hours. Different packages are available. Some offer champagne, others brunch or lunch, while others offer afternoon tea and other goodies. These New York tours sail along different routes, so check out the Classic Harbor Line website at www.sail-nyc.com or call 212.209.3370.

Cruising Tours

If you want to cruise along Manhattan and sight-see from the water, you can join the Circle Line vessel. Take a seat and enjoy the ride. You will see different landmarks along the way—including the Statue of Liberty. If you want information on the various New York tours available, call 212.563.3200. You can also visit www.circleline42.com for more information.

Bicycle Tours

Imagine gliding through Central Park on a bike. This New York tour will expose you to Belvedere Castle, the Shakespeare Garden, and much more. You will be provided a bicycle and helmet. A tour guide will lead your group. Sounds like fun? Check out www.centralparkbiketour.com or call 212.541.8759 for details.

Double-Decker Tours

A trip to New York cannot be complete without a ride on a red double-decker tour bus. The three-hour long tour takes you all over Manhattan. A tour guide tells you what’s out and about. Call 800.669.0051 for more information. You can also check out the website at www.newyorksightseeing.com and learn more about these New York tours.

Federal Reserve Bank Tour

While in New York, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Federal Reserve Bank by taking this free (yes, free) tour. The guide will take you five stories underground so that you can see the gold vaults. You will learn how the Bank works and get so much out of this learning experience. An interactive multimedia center will keep you busy, as well. For obvious reasons, the security procedures of this New York tour are time-consuming. Therefore, make your reservations in advance by calling 212.720.6130. Check out the website at www.newyorkfed.org for more information.

Grand Central Terminal Tour

A trip to New York is not complete without seeing the world famous Grand Central Station. You will see splendid architecture and design. You will also learn about it through this tour that also informs visitors about urban planning and preservation. If you are into trains, you would not want to miss this New York tour. Call 212.935.3960 for more information or check out www.mas.org.